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Requirements for Granting New Zealand Citizenship


Have you ever thought of becoming a New Zealand Citizen?

You can get New Zealand citizenship by grant if:

  • you already have the right to be in New Zealand indefinitely (you're a permanent resident of New Zealand or Australia, or you’re Australian)
  • you’ve lived here for at least the last 5 years and had the right to be in New Zealand indefinitely the whole time
  • you intend to keep living here
  • you speak English, and
  • you're of good character and don’t have any convictions or fines.

If you are interested in finding out more … here is a link to The Department of Internal Affairs website.


If your documents aren't in English

You need to get any documents that aren't in English (eg birth or marriage certificates, travel documents and supporting letters etc) translated by an authorised translation service.

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Spanish Communications Ltd is an approved translation service provider to the New Zealand Citizenship Office and can assist with the translation of your documents from Spanish to English.